Thursday, June 4, 2015
Big Flip the Massive
  • Big Flip the Massive - Reece McNaughten
  • Jon He (Singapore) and Kameron Christopher (USA)
  • Terracotta Cat

Big Flip the Massive

Solo project of Reece McNaughten(West Coast Bullies/Will&Reece), Insulting drum/laptop chaos. Catch him before he heads to Europe!!



A6B is an electroacoustic unit started in Los Angeles, California by Jon He (Singapore) and Kameron Christopher (USA). By combining elements of intuitive music, micro sounds and noise, they create a morphology of sonic fragments that are visceral and volatile.

Kameron Christopher saxophonist, composer, noise artist and neuroscientist.

John He guqin player, electronic musician and PhD student in sonic arts.


Terracotta Cat (Auckland)

Cosmic punk jazz from Kenji Iwamitsu Holdaway (guitar), J Y Lee (sax), Scott Kendall (bass) and extended family member Christopher Wratt (drums)

Reece McNaughten