Current Exhibition
6/11/14 - 6/12/14
Fergus Collinson - fIERCE mONGOLIAN pEASANTS

"Fergus Collinson's work has the poetry of true primitivism" - Elva Bett

"A genuine naive artist" - Ian Wedde

Fergus Collinson grew up in a raw timber town in a rambling wooden house surrounded by wildlife and gooseberry brushes, with macrocarpas and waterfalls in the distance.
He is largely self taught.

I'm thirty six. Its my birthday, but I love the sand papered wildness of running down to the raging vibrant Paekakariki surf too much to bother getting back to town to celebrate.

These paintings are about being lovably gloriously manly, womanly. In Siberia Southerly this winter I celebrate a surfer bouncing in, out, beyond Wahine Park's Tug Brothers rock.

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