Sunday, July 2, 2017
Bulgasari Night 2
  • 8pm $10

Bulgasari Aotearoa – a major project which brings leading South Korean sound artists and experimental musicians to Aotearoa.

Lee Hanjoo (이한주), Lee Bong Gyo (이봉교), Yukie Sato, Taekyung Seo (서태경) and Soojung Kae (계수정) will be joined by renowned Korean-based NZ musicians John Bell and sound artist Ian-John Hutchinson. The featured group of artists gravitate toward Yogiga, a music venue and art-space in Seoul where regular events take place as part of the 'Bulgasari' series. At these events, the Bulgasari community present new works of music and performance art which reflect current experimental practise in the region.

The six visiting artists will perform over two nights at Pyramid Club in collaboration with local Wellington musicians including
Jonny Marks, Erika Grant, Tom Callwood, Rob Thorne, Anthony Donaldson and Chris Prosser.

Visiting Artists
Lee Hanjoo (이한주) is a singer and player of experimental stringed instruments. He is the founder of Yogiga Gallery in Seoul.

Lee Bong Gyo (이봉교) is a master Janggu (traditional Korean hourglass drum) player in both a traditional and expanded/experimental sense.

Yukie Sato is a highly individual guitarist/noise musician/improvisor who has worked extensively in Japan and Korea.

Taekyung Seo (서태경) is a painter, installation and performance artist at the cutting edge of experimental performance in Korea

Soojung Kae (계수정) is an improvising pianist who traverses the worlds of improvised music, free jazz, experimental music and sound art.

Ian–John Hutchinson is a Seoul based NZ sound artist who whose primary sound sources are harmonicas, which he repurposes and prepares as radical noise makers.

John Bell is a renowned vibraphone player and percussionist well known in the NZ jazz and improvised music scenes.