Thursday, October 2, 2014
Experimental Variety Show
  • Zzaj Occultists, The Dondocomatics, Tapioca Dragon
EVS 02 Oct 2014

Experimental Variety Show featuring...

The return of IAN DOWNER! The wonderful drummer turned synth-obsessive Ian Downer has been in Japan for almost 5 years, and has just returned to these shores. Be sure to welcome him back in style this Thursday, when he plays with old Bright Colours cohort Julz Taylor on midi guitar ... they're called The Dondocomatics.

Zzaj Occultists - helium filled improvised free jazz featuring Tom Callwood, Anthony Donaldson, Bridget Kelly, Ed Zucolo and Daniel Beban.

Tapioca Dragon - noise-merry-go-round soundtracks from Andy Wright and Mark Williams.