Saturday, June 14, 2014
  • IRD [Christchurch]

IRD is Christchurch's Rory Dalley. His performances utilise junk noise and found sounds, music made with broken cassette recorders, unplugged mixers and collapsed drum kits, using few effects and abandoning many well-trodden psychedelic paths.

On Saturday IRD will be playing a handful of cassette players with recordings from Christchurch, and he'll be scrounging around Wellington for objects, folliage, pine cones, buried scrap etc.

THOMAS MURPHY is a sound and visual installation artist from Wellington.
His optical synthsizer, the Fan-o-Tron, creates endless shifting shadows and lights from fans strobing fans, all tuned to different frequencies which interfere and pulse.
The light levels are directly converted into sound creating a hypnotic wall of  arpeggios and drones.