Thursday, April 30, 2015
Jon Drypnz present Pure Concrete
Pure Concrete
Installation / performance with 3 acts on each night. Thursday 30th April: SIMON O’RORKE, I. RYOKO, JONNY MARKS. the difference = the similarities = the interaction of two 1. Attempt to enable a link between a) acousmatic teachings and b) receptive audience, by means of c) 'structure' (provided to preform within) 2. Restriction of the provided 'structure' is a constant: i) the audience is a variable ii) the teacher is a variable iii) the structure stands to inhibit 3. Structure stands to restrict a sense, allowing sound to hold precedent. 4. 'Structure' staged as a controlled situation, 'a comfort zone', a platform to differentiate audience and teacher. 5. Audience must make a conscious effort to gain information based on: I) individual choice II) putting ones self in a position that makes them a spectacle III) entering an in between space IV) blurring the line between audience and teacher