Wednesday, April 6, 2016
P-LAB: Josh Rutter
Josh Plab


We're happy to announce a new season of P-LAB workshops. These artist-run sessions are an alternative, non-institutional forum for learning about different artists' methods and developing your own ideas. They might be presentations, workshops, lectures, listening sessions ...

Josh Rutter is an NZ artist living in Berlin. Coming from a movement and dance background, his work tends to linger around the choreographic aspects of culture.

Josh says:
I invite you to join me in constructing a hybrid physicality from youtube videos. Whether its your favourite how-to instructional clip, a really gnarly Fail, or an intriguing movement from an animal or object, lets spend some time piecing together a system of fragments harvested from the data flows of the world, and channeling it through our bodies.
Whether we end up in a twitching heap, or discovering a next-gen Twerkout, we'll have some fun along the way. See you there!