Wednesday, April 18, 2018
P-LAB: Tax for independent operators with Nigel Patterson

Get clued up about how you can work the tax system to your advantage!

Freaked out about doing your tax return? Bored by the idea of spreadsheets and receipts? Come and find out how to tackle taxes head-on with 'the taxman', Nigel Patterson!

As well as tinkling the ivories in the Black Seeds, Mantarays and his own jazz quartet, Nigel Patterson is a DIY expert on tax for musicians and artists. He's taught himself the ins and outs of the tax system and far from finding it a drag, he actually gets a kick out of doing his tax returns... and that's cos he knows how to work the system and get money back from the IRD!

Nigel reckons that most artists would benefit financially from knowing how to do their own taxes, and he's running this P-LAB session to share his insights with anyone who's interested.

The financial year has just started, so maybe this is the time to get your shit sorted!

On hand for any particularly tricky technical questions will be the highly trained, professional accountant, artist and co-founder of the Wellington Jazz Cooperative, Veronica Hodgkinson.