Thursday, December 11, 2014
  • Pyramid Club Festival of experimental music and art!!
  • 7pm $10

Gerard Crewdson / Jeff Henderson / Kieran Monaghan / Kraus
Gerard Crewdson is an artist of rare abilities who uses painting, music, story telling and his homemade cardboard cinema to conjure up dark psychological dramas set in worlds awash with pure abstract beauty. His work adorns the covers of countless albums, books and posters (including this festival's poster). He's creating a special opening performance to get the Pyramid Power Festival underway, and is joined by some of NZ's underground greats, Jeff Henderson, Kieran Monaghan and Kraus.

Perpetual Blossom
All Seeing Hand frontman and throat singing maestro Jonny Marks' new large ensemble with choir, clappers & strings.

Rosie Langabeer / Nell Thomas
Rosie Langabeer - multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire - has spent the past 5 years in Philadelphia, playing and writing music for theatre and getting involved in the city's creative music scene. And we are glad to have her back! Tonight she tickles the plastic keys of her synthesizers, joined by Nell Thomas on theremin.

Chris Palmer [Canada] / Atsushi
One of Wellington's most-loved sons, Chris Palmer, is back from Canada for a short visit. Responsible for such groups as The Elephant Men and Cleatus, he is an uncompromisingly real performer... and he might meet his match with vocalist Atsushi who digs extremely deep to deliver his unique style of sound poetry.

NA Royal
Experimental film-maker NZ Royal's work focuses on the computer and the methods and processors used ... time, space, sequence, repartition etc. in an attempt to discover new sound and imagery.

Zzaj Occultists
Tom Callwood (bass) Daniel Beban (guitar) Anthony Donaldson (drums) Lucien Johnson (reeds) Blair Latham (reeds) Nigel Patterson (keys)... Psychedelic free jazz with some of Wellington's finest.

Pyramid Power 2014