Friday, December 12, 2014
  • Pyramid Club Festival of experimental music and art!!
  • 7pm $10

LSD Fundraiser [Dunedin]
Solo project of Dunedin's Dene Barnes (Wolfskull, Spacewolf et al) Stretched out samples, slackened tapes, scraped metal percussion and woozy field recordings on warbled tape players.

Kraus / Reece McNaughten / Simon O’Rorke
Auckland's Kraus is an underground legend, DIY synth maker and founding father of groups such as The Futurians, Olympus and Maltese Falcons. A potentially explosive mix with fellow synth strangler Simon O'Rorke and drummer Reece McNaughten.

Cuttler Country
A selection of surrealist songs by 'Noise Abatement Society' member and Scottish absurdist poet/song writer Ivor Cutler. Guitarist Greg Malcolm is familiar to NZ audiences for his solo prepared guitar performances, using guitars with both feet and hands and a commercial kitchen's worth of cutlery between the strings. For this set he's playing 'normal' guitar and is joined vocalist Jenny Ward, Hermione Johnson (organ) and Jeff Henderson (sax).

Crude Oil Paintings
Jo Contag (Golden Awesome) and Alphabethead melting turntables and scrambling electronics.

Drorgan [Auckland]
Masked duo of Auckland enigmas. Raw drum grooves and organ riffs.

Tender Mooonlight
Critically acclaimed heartthrob 'Franky' is the sensual force behind this world-renowned solo act.

Pyramid Power 2014