Saturday, December 13, 2014
  • Pyramid Club Festival of experimental music and art!!
  • 7pm $10
Purple Pilgrims

Purple Pilgrims [Coromandel]
Outsider dream pop from the ex-Christchurch, ex-Hong Kong, now Coromandel based sister duo of Clementine and Valentine Nixon. Esoteric, guitar-led dreamscapes and angelic vocals... the two have recently been touring with Ariel Pink though the US and Europe.

Maltese Falcons [Auckland]
A hawkland city rock band. Metal birds falcons of fate: Kraus, Stefan Neville, Ducklingmonster, Sean O’Reilly. A veritable all-star lineup of the NZ psych underground.

Muon Decay
Particle power fuzz chemists

The Dondocomatics
Keyboard and midi guitar duo of Ian Downer and Julian Taylor

Ben Holmes [Auckland]
Ben Holmes is an Auckland based musician/artist (also half of Drorgan and The Hoolie buzzes and previously of a band called Spacesuit) He’ll be performing his solo one-man-band act : live finger beats, foot thumping, twanging, moaning, hard out riffs, dodgy singing, casio boogaloo, sound fx to the maximus + heeeeaps more.

3x electronic vocals by Samin Son, Noel Meek and Fergus Moores with Pseudoarcana label boss Antony Milton taking on drum duties.

Wywy Brix
New electronics project by Ryan Bennett (Cartoon, Butt Simpson)

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