Tuesday, February 9, 2016
RHRR (France), Beamsplitter (USA/Norway)

RHRR (France)

Xavier Charles (clarinet), Frédéric Blondy (piano), Guylaine Cosseron (voice)

"Their minimalist music is like a secret, or a confession that the voice of Guylaine Cosseron whispers in your ear. Frédéric Blondy’s piano underscores the vocals with a style reminiscent of Morton Feldman, while Xavier Charles makes time stand still through airy, drawn-out sounds on the clarinet. The vocals and clarinet intertwine, combine and separate, punctuated by the piano’s rhythm or harmony, creating a pared down, small yet infinite space, lightly brushing up against the silence."

Beamsplitter (USA/Norway)

Audrey Chen (USA, voice/cello) & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (Norway, trombone), with the three sources of trombone, voice and cello, maneuver a balance between fragility, intimacy, the ecstatic and measured control.