Thursday, September 11, 2014
Richard Haynes, Waka Atea, Band Sensations
  • Experimental Variety Show
Experimental Variety Show

Pyamid Club Experimental Variety show featuring ...

RICHARD HAYNES - extraordinary clarinettest working in modern notated and improvised music. Resident in Cologne, Germany, where he works with a plethora of new music ensembles such as Ensemble musikFabrik and Klangforum Wien, Richard has also worked with Stroma and 175 East here in NZ. Richard will perform 2 pieces, Rendering by James Gardener... "subterannean sounds and machine like flickering" and LIBRA by Karlheinz Stockhausen... one of Stockhausen's four major works for solo clarinet and electronics that capture the essence of star signs in music.

BAND SENSATIONSAmos Mann (Electric Double-bass); Creek Waddington (Electric Kazoo); Sian Torrington (Miked objects, Spoken word) 

WAKA ATEA - taonga puoro duo of Alistair Fraser and Rob Thorne.