Friday, February 6, 2015
Romain de Ferron (France) / Misha Marks (Mexico / NZ)
Romain de Ferron

Experimental French musician Romain de Ferron is deeply influenced by classical European harmony and by early American minimalists.
He plays music based on continuous sounds, counterpoint and repetition, on synthetisers, effects pedals, and voices.

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Misha Marks grew up near Karamea, on the West Coast of the South Island.
He studied flamenco guitar in Spain, lived and played in Vienna and London and collaborated with Singhalese shamans in Sri Lanka.
In 2008 he transposed himself to Mexico City with the idea of staying for about six months, which soon became five years.
A multi-instrumentalist, Misha plays guitar, baritone horn, accordion and latarra (a homemade electric guitar made out of a cookie tin).

Misha is active in diverse scenes throughout Mexico City playing numerous projects, such as the free-improvisation collective Generación Espontánea,
the primitive-evolutive-harmolodic-gypsy band Carlos Marks, free jazz trio Rolling Eye, and Balkan music band Nabuzenko.
Misha also regularly sits in with Zapotecan brass bands from the Sierra de Oaxaca.

On Friday he's playing a solo set and a trio with Reece McNaughten (drums) and Blair Latham (reeds).

Misha Marks