Friday, August 22, 2014
Stuart Porter (Dunedin)
  • Stuart Porter
  • Powerful Unconscious Now

Sax player Stuart Porter was a huge creative force in Wellington music in the 80s, behind such acts as the Primitive Art Group, The Family Mallet, My Name Is My Motto and others.  Their umbrella organisation, the Braille Collective, pioneered improvised music and free jazz in NZ, paving the way for a whole gamut of bands to follow. Stuart also played in other underground groups such as Garbage and the Flowers.  His trail blazing path is still felt strongly in Wellington, the free music ethos weaving it's way through a huge number of the city's bands.

Stuart Porter hasn't played in Wellington for well over a decade, so we are very pleased to bring him up to the Pyramid Club for this show. He'll be playing in two groups, with the Braille Collective cohorts David Donaldson (bass), Gerard Crewdson (brass) and Anthony Donaldson (drums), and Tom Callwood (bass) and Daniel Beban (guitar).

Powerful Unconscious Now is a new project investigating the inner recesses of your mind through hypnosis and casio tones, featuring Nell Thomas and Andy Wright.

The Garbage and the Flowers - Live at The New Carpark, Wellington, March 1992.

Stuart Porter