Saturday, May 7, 2016
Waterfalls EP release

Waterfalls is celebrating the release of her debut EP with a holiday and series of shows that culminates with this very special show in Wellington. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you all to come along to listen, dance and party! Joining in on the merrymaking are brilliant acts: Eyeliner and Strange Stains- yes yes yes! Can't wait to see you Wellington xox

WATERFALLS is the solo project of Wellington musician Amber Johnson. Her deconstructed modal pop music balances a strong melodic sensibility with hypnotic, ostinato cycles and invocations of mood via her exploration of analog synthesisers and processed flute and vocal timbres. Eschewing standard pop-song structures, Waterfalls’ compositions instead weave through movements creating impressionistic atmospheres and crystallising emotional states . Lyrically Waterfalls is similarly concerned with conveying mood and tone over storytelling and her distilled lyrics are realised as self-help incantations, idiomatic assertions of self-worth, emotional release valves and cautionary chants revealing the moments of clarity borne from nocturnal reflections on love, power and pain.

STRANGE STAINS is the 'leaning on a bench wave' DIY shedband of solo electronic musician Cooki M. Strange Stains creates euphoric-to-the-pinnacle Electro Pop while lyrically exposing herself at the psychic precipice.

EYELINER, the alias of Luke Rowell of Wellington, New Zealand: MIDI Fantasist, theoretical luxurist and deep-thought enthusiast. Conceived as a side-project to his main outfit Disasteradio in 2012, Rowell switched to performing Eyeliner live after a knee injury meant he couldn’t dance onstage. The first Eyeliner release “High Fashion Mood Music” is now considered a foundational part of the canon of vaporwave music. Rowell cites the music of vaporwave artists as a main influence, as well as new-age / library labels Windham Hill and Innovative Communication.
Eyeliner’s music explores the instruments and tropes of luxury, commercialism and consumerism in a way that is not-serious, but is sincere. In 2015 the most recent release, BUY NOW, on US label Beer On The Rug enjoyed three weeks at number one on Bandcamp in New Zealand.